Keepalived 1.4.5

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  • Update snapcraft.yaml for 1.4.x+git
  • Fix generation of git-commit.h with git commit number.
  • Set virtual server address family correctly.
  • Set virtual server address family correctly when using tunnelled real servers.
  • Fix handling of virtual servers with no real servers at config time.
  • Add warning if virtual and real servers are different address families. Although normally the virtual server and real servers must have the same address family, if a real server is tunnelled, the address families can be different. However, the kernel didn't support that until 3.18, so add a check that the address families are the same if different address families are not supported by the kernel.
  • Send correct status in Dbus VrrpStatusChange notification. When an instance transitioned from BACKUP to FAULT, the Dbus status change message reported the old status (BACKUP) rather than the new status (FAULT). This commit attempts to resolved that.