ZooKeeper 3.4

ZooKeeper 3.4 3.4.12

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  • [ZOOKEEPER-2249] - CRC check failed when preAllocSize smaller than node data
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2690] - Update documentation source for ZOOKEEPER-2574
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2806] - Flaky test: org.apache.zookeeper.server.quorum.FLEBackwardElectionRoundTest.testBackwardElectionRound
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2845] - Data inconsistency issue due to retain database in leader election
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2893] - very poor choice of logging if client fails to connect to server
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2923] - The comment of the variable matchSyncs in class CommitProcessor has a mistake.
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2924] - Flaky Test: org.apache.zookeeper.test.LoadFromLogTest.testRestoreWithTransactionErrors
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2931] - WriteLock recipe: incorrect znode ordering when the sessionId is part of the znode name
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2936] - Duplicate Keys in log4j.properties config files
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2944] - Specify correct overflow value
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2948] - Failing c unit tests on apache jenkins
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2951] - zkServer.cmd does not start when JAVA_HOME ends with a \
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2953] - Flaky Test: testNoLogBeforeLeaderEstablishment
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2960] - The dataDir and dataLogDir are used opposingly
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2961] - Fix testElectionFraud Flakyness
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2978] - fix potential null pointer exception when deleting node
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2992] - The eclipse build target fails due to protocol redirection: http->https
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2950] - Add keys for the Zxid from the stat command to check_zookeeper.py
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2952] - Upgrade third party libraries to address vulnerabilities
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2962] - The function queueEmpty() in FastLeaderElection.Messenger is not used, should be removed.
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2967] - Add check to validate dataDir and dataLogDir parameters at startup
  • [ZOOKEEPER-2795] - Change log level for "ZKShutdownHandler is not registered" error message